Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picking a Class Time

Do you think you really know what time is a good time for you to go to class?
So you're newbie on college campus! CONGRATULATION!
Welcome to the first fall semester of yours -insert your favorite happy face-

Well first of all you might think that the afternoon and evening classes are a great time for you to get into class because well lets admit everyone LOVES sleeping in... Well during the semester you will start to feel too tired for afternoon and evening classes because of your all-nighter doing homework. Let's face it, we all do it, so don't be ashamed. My bet advice for those who stay up ALL NIGHT take those early morning classes so you'd still have the energy to go through class then guess what after class you can go straight to sleep.

My secret to having perfect attendance now is because well I try staying up 24 hours so that my sleeping schedule could be fix to my normal sleeping rate. All my classes are in the morning so I do fine, some energy drinks gets me motivated through out the day.

Don't sleep I'm serious!
Even when you're tired in the middle of the afternoon, do not sleep. Napping is for babies and little kids who needs it to be growing up. Our sleep are from night to day. At least 8 hours of sleep!

So if you work in the morning it is fine to start class in the afternoon and evening, no problem with that. BUT if you don't work just freaking stay up and do some work.

Good luck on picking your classes =]
Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Spring Semester

This spring semester my classes are:

- Math 091; 8:30-9:45AM
- Reading 090; 10:00-11:15AM
- English 095; 7:00-8:15AM

Yep all AM classes =]

I could of been a full time student but issues with my health insurance.
Other than that I'm doing great in all of me classes =]
Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Semester

Winter semester 2010 is over.
My classes were....
English writing 090 - Writing skills 1
English reading 090 - Reading skills 1
Math - Fund of Math
Business - Intro to business

English reading & writing was easy A =] 
Math was like middle school
Business made me bored and made me realized that business isn't my thing.

So yes all mumble jumble winter semester was something. Writing I had to pass in portfolios instead of doing a final or midterm. Other classes are finals.

Other note when you have math class please recognize that you will have to do homework on the computer. The program is call MyMathLab. Alone it's about $80+ buy it with the math book it'll be less.

Well be back with my essays that was done and graded by my teacher. And I'll be back with Spring semester.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010